Terminator Seeds and Genetically Modified Seeds

What kind of morally bankrupt society allows a corporation to patent a lifeform that kills itself via suicide technology?? Yes you guessed it, OURS!!!!!!

Terminator seeds, suicide seeds or “Genetic Use Restriction Technology” are seed products that are genetically modified to naturally not reproduce. They make corporations rich and society bankrupt. Imagine a society where farmers have to return to a company to buy seeds year after year rather than being able to harvest seeds from their previous years crop to plant the following year. Don’t imagine, it’s already a reality. Governments have allowed corporations to patent lifeforms and sell genetically modified seeds that grow plants that don’t reproduce!!! It enables the SICK company to force the farmer to return to them if they want more of those seeds. The major problem is when these seeds are put into production the concern is they will cross-breed with natural plants and cause natural, non-genetically modified plants to stop producing seeds and growing naturally the next season. Ultimately natural plants that are altered by these terminator seeds will become sterile and not reproduce. Do you work for one of these SICK companies?? Do you feed these genetically modified franken foods to your family??? Do you sleep well at night knowing you work for a company that patents lifeforms and modifies them not for better health purposes but for profits???? If you do then you are a very sick bunch of people. These pinheads couldn’t even buy the domain name for this horrible technology. We have the plural as well. Idiots. Watch some interesting videos below and you decide.

Once this propagates throughout the natural plant world we will end up with sterile plants and basically a dead, barren wasteland with natural plants that won’t grow by themselves anymore! People need to contact their local governments and insist that they stop corporations from producing products that basically commit suicide! Outrageous policy dictated by corporations that control government officials needs to stop.

Watch the idiot in the video above run when he is asked to drink the “safe” glysophates.

Buy organic seeds and plants and tell your government officials to promote organic natural plants and seeds.
Here are some interesting resources about genetically modified food and seeds.

“The Corporation” The Movie – Full Documentary – take some time to watch this movie.

Let the Canadian Minister of Agriculture know you don’t want these “products” in your food system.

Link to Minister of Agriculture Canada click here.

Be persistent as these corporations have their hands so far up the governments a$$ that they tell them when to cough.

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